If you or someone you know is in danger of suicide, please seek help immediately. You should:

  • Call 999;
  • Call Lifeline on 0808 808 8000;
  • Use your local emergency department.

Don’t try to manage your or someone else’s suicidal thoughts on your own. Remember, thoughts about suicide are just that – thoughts. They won’t last forever and often they pass quickly. Many people who have had serious thoughts about suicide have said that they feel completely different only hours later.
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South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF)



South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF) formed in 1999 as a result of identified needs amongst those who have been the innocent victims and survivors of terrorism and other ‘Troubles related violence.’

The organisation is based in Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh but its’ membership and support is drawn from across County Fermanagh, South Tyrone and further afield.

Over the years, the Foundation has steadily grown whereby it now offers the following services:

  1. Drop in Centre and Signposting Services.
  2. Counselling Support
  3. Befriending Service
  4. Welfare/Benefits Advice
  5. Complementary Therapies
  6. Advocacy and Representation-based support
  7. Respite and other social integration programmes
  8. Development of services for Older People
  9. Youth-based services and activities
  10. Volunteering and Personal Development Opportunities
  11. Community Engagement Projects. 

The organisation has been at the forefront of attempts to address the needs of victims/survivors who have been failed by successive Governments.

SEFF is committed to supporting individuals to make the personal transition from “victim” to “survivor” as part of a process of healing and confidence building.

SEFF is positive for the future and will strive to continue its’ work on behalf of victims/survivors (particularly in the South East Fermanagh catchment area) We wish to assist the conditions whereby some of the most traumatised may have some sense of peace and will feel empowered to build their lives for their own betterment, their families and the communities to which they belong.

SEFF also seeks to develop its’ outreach arm particularly around the areas of youth and community development so enabling victims/survivors to re-integrate back into the wider community.   

SEFF is non-political, non-sectarian and is very much a family focussed organisation.

SEFF has acted as an ‘incubator organisation’ for several initiatives which have now developed their own identity such as; The Northern Ireland Phoenix Project. Justice for Innocent Victims of Terrorism Ltd, Innocent Victims United and the Fermanagh Ulster Scots Empowerment Project (FUSE)

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