If you or someone you know is in danger of suicide, please seek help immediately. You should:

  • Call 999;
  • Call Lifeline on 0808 808 8000;
  • Use your local emergency department.

Don’t try to manage your or someone else’s suicidal thoughts on your own. Remember, thoughts about suicide are just that – thoughts. They won’t last forever and often they pass quickly. Many people who have had serious thoughts about suicide have said that they feel completely different only hours later.
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Walk and Talk 2023

Health and Social Care Trusts and PHA have worked in partnership to develop a campaign to encourage people across Northern Ireland to embrace and demonstrate the theme: Creating Hope, Through Action.

The campaign will run from 11th September - 10th October 2023 to mark the period between World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day. This year we are calling on people to ‘Walk & Talk’. Embracing the Take 5 messages to ‘Be Active’ and ‘Connect’.

Anyone can organise a Walk & Talk with a friend, family member, colleague or as part of a group (remember you may need insurance for a group activity). A Walk & Talk can show yourself and others how easy it is to start adding the Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing into your daily routine - creating hope that it is possible to take steps to protect and improve wellbeing.

You can find out more about how to get involved and organise a ‘Walk & Talk’ in our Campaign Booklet, which also includes other ideas how you can ‘Be Active’ and ‘Connect’. If you don’t want to organise your own walk and talk there is also information on finding an existing walking groups you could join.

We also want to encourage everyone to learn more about mental health and suicide prevention by attending a training course. You can find out more about the training available across Northern Ireland in our Training Booklet.